Cvlife red dot

The cvlife red dot is a good little dot sight. It comes both with red and green dot. You can buy for AR-15 and have been moving it back and forth between almost all guns. There have no issues with it on any of your firearms too.

The cvlife fits standard Pica-tinny rails and requires a drip or two of Locate. You can use it on your handgun that you have for your self-defense also. Whether you go hunting or go into a competition.

Some features:

You can use these sights as your backup sight. It comes with a good qualities lens which gives you a clear view of target each and every time. It also comes with extreme eye relief. If you have a problem with switching the brightness levels the sight has two illumination color. Red and Green Dot. It will help you to solve the switching problem.

The best thing about that sight is its brightness. It’s brightness levels are just awesome during the daylight. Probably don’t need so many levels but if you hold down the button to auto-illuminates and gets to the brightest setting quickly.

When you first turn it on, just give it a minute to focus then it will be spot on, Don’t get me wrong this is not an ACOG or Aim point but for the money it’s outstanding.

All you have to remember is that red dot sight is not made to match caring target shooting. They are made for quick accusation and quick kill. It also comes with a  red laser. Shooting with the laser is also very accurate.

The cvlife has a 1X22X33 mm reflex sight with red and green 4 reticles dot sight. It’s just 3.25″ long. That’s why it can easily fit on to any handguns if there a rail on top. It powered by a 3v lithium battery(2032) which is a very common coin battery. It has a 15.8m field view.

It’s a combo pack, all you need just come with this sight. The sight is probably used on AR-15 type rifle. It’s a best mini reflex sight for those who have a tight budget.

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