Home Defense Shotgun

Consider a Home Defense Shotgun as your home defense weapon. The issue of home defense using a home defense shotgun has in recent times become more important than ever.


Home break ins and home intrusions while the family is at home. The growing possibility of anarchy due to our faltering economy bring the matter of home defense to the forefront. My feeling about home defense is not so much about protecting property. But from the perspective of personal defense and providing protection to family members.

Home Defense Shotguns

I personally would not use my home defense shotgun to protect personal property such as a car. But when it comes to the physical safety of my family and me then a different set of rules apply. After careful consideration, I decided that the home defense weapon was a good choice for my home defense needs.


The virtues of the home defense weapon are both psychological and physical. A primary reason to choose a home defense weapon is the physical stopping power. No other home defense weapon provides the short range stopping power of a 12 gauge shotgun. A 12 gauge slug weighs in at 1 Oz. and can be delivered with pinpoint accuracy.

An expert’s tips on selecting the optimum home defense shotgun

A load of 00 buck shot can be purchased with 9 pellets or 12 pellets. Each pellet is the size of a .33 caliber bullet which means that one shot using the home defense weapon is equivalent to a dozen .33 caliber bullets all impacting at the same time. At close range all these pellets are grouped in a 6 inch to 18 inch pattern depending on distance to the target. At 15 yards my home defense weapon using a 9 pellet 00 load spreads out to provide an 18 inch pattern.


Without care in the use of a home defense shotgun the pellets may also become a liability. Keep in mind that you are responsible for any and all damage and injury caused by each and every pellet discharged from your firearm. There are other ammunition choices as well such as small diameter bird shot, bean bags, and other non lethal ammo.


Remember, that even a blank shotgun shell discharges the wad with enough force to be lethal at close range. It is a good idea to get professional training in the proper and safe use of your home defense weapon.


Another consideration is the psychological effect of the look and sound of the home defense shotgun has on anyone faced with the business end. Just to see the shotgun instills fear, and then add the sound the pump shotgun makes when cambering a round, in most cases that is all that is needed to deter an intruder. If you are considering a formidable home defense weapon then the home defense weapon should be carefully considered.

What is the best shotgun?

Home defense shotgun

The shotgun for home defense that I selected is the Remington 870 Tactical home defense shotgun. I also considered the Moss berg 590. Both are excellent choices. The Moss berg 590 shotgun is used by our military and the Remington 870 is used by law enforcement. I selected the Remington 870 because it is commonly used by law enforcement. It is light in weight, has a great reputation for trouble free operation over many years, and it is inexpensive.


The Remington 870 tactical shotgun with magazine extension and ghost ring sight is close to being the perfect home defense shotgun. The addition of a Speed Feed III stock made my home defense shotgun more comfortable to shoot.

The Speed Feed III stock for the Remington 870 includes a magazine feature that stores two shotgun shells in each side of the stock. The shells are easily retrieved for loading into the shotgun. The Speed Feed III stock eliminates any discomfort due to recoil and now the home defense weapon is a pleasure to shoot.

The ghost ring sights provide the defensive shotgun with the accuracy needed to demolish any bull’s eye. The magazine holds 6 rounds, with one in the chamber for a total of 7 12 gauge home defense weapon rounds at the ready.

The Speed Feed III stock provides comfort while shooting, and stores an additional easily accessible 4 rounds of ammo. These features couple together to make the home defense Remington 12 gauge pump shotgun a top contender for best home defense weapon and make it my home defense combat shotgun of choice.

Legal and Moral Issues

There are legal issues that must be considered before making a decision to purchase a shotgun for home defense. You should seek out the local, state, and federal laws concerning gun ownership, home defense, and self defense. Be sure you understand all the legal and moral issues surrounding and relating to the physical defense of yourself, your home, and your family with a home defense weapon. It is advisable to consult a lawyer to make sure you are aware of and fully understand all the legal and moral issues involved with the ownership and use of a home defense weapon.


It is also important to get professional training on the safe and proper use of a home defense shotgun. No one should attempt to use a gun of any kind without professional training and practice. Range practice is essential to becoming safe, proficient and comfortable with your home defense shotgun.

Safety issues & Safe storage

Safe storage of the home defense shotgun is very important. Each state has specific laws about the safe storage of guns. This especially applies when children or younger immature persons are in the home. When children are present then trigger locks should be used on home defense shotguns as well as storage in a gun safe. Leave no gun safety issues unman aged, especially where children are concerned.




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