Personal protection and home security made easy and affordable.

Don’t waste time, money and resources on home alarm system monitoring that doesn’t protect your home or family. With our comprehensive collection of products like an outdoor motion sensor and electronic barking dog alarm we’re bringing you cost effective alternatives for in- home security.

Personal protection and home security products made our life much more secure. For personal safety products like Mace pepper spray or an expandable baton we’re cutting out the middleman and bringing you the low prices you deserve. No one should have to break the bank to ensure their personal safety or the safety of their family.

Beyond an outdoor motion sensor some unique product line is ideal for people who are interested in keeping themselves safe and worry free. Though something like our barking dog alarm solution keeps your home safer, our expandable baton and stun gun selections give you added peace of mind.

It’s amazing how well the products work. Something as effective and affordable as popular Mace pepper spray can even provide a remarkable deterrent and may never even have to be used. The confidence and peace of mind you get from these products will show. But if you ever have to resort to using them, they’ll be there. And so will we! DON’T LET YOURSELF BE THE VICTIM.

BE PREPARED with Personal protection and home security products.

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