Top 3 Self Defense Technique Everyone Should Know

When you have to defend yourself there are no rules and there is no shame in what is traditionally called dirty fighting. You can use anything which you available that is why experts suggest many defense tools like a stun gun, pocket knives, swiss army knife, Tactical Pen, etc..  Ultimately it’s about making sure you can go home at the end of the night and still be alive and one piece. To learn some self-defense technique will help you to not be a victim.

Here are the top 3 Self Defense Techniques in which you can become expert with little practice. 

Throat Strike Technique

Self Defense Technique Throat Strike

The Throat Strike is a powerful and dirty fighting technique.  Take it from someone who was punched in the throat in a high school fight it does not feel good.  I sounded like the godfather for 2 weeks and my throat muscles were deeply bruised for a couple of weeks as well. 

How to deliver a Throat Strike? 

 Most people tend to keep their chin down so the best way to strike the throat is with what is call a ridge hand.  It is the classic Karate flat handed strike using the edge of the hand as a knife.  You can strike with the outside or inside of your hand.  It is easiest to thrust your hand forward like you are throwing a punch or jab and hit the throat with your hand where your index figure meets your hand.  That boney joint will make a nice hard surface that can collapse the throat.

Why use a throat strike? 

The throat strike is a smart self defense technique that temporarily disables your opponent.  If you are not a physically powerful person this strike is perfect.  You are using your brain instead of brawn.  Your hard hand can severely damage the soft tissue of the throat and cause your attacker to become dazed and lose steam. 

What does a throat strike feel like?  

You don’t feel like you are choking or gagging and you don’t have the feeling of having your bell rung like getting hit in the head.  It’s a hard feeling to describe but it is very distracting and the pain can be intense.  It’s like getting hit by a sharp corner right in your thigh and you get a charley horse.  That painful knot or charley horse is right in your throat and it hurts to speak, turn, breath or in general use the muscles around your neck.

Groin Strike Technique

Self Defense Technique Groin Strike

The groin strike is a classic and I’m sure is somehow engrained in our instinctive defenses.  Often considered to be off limits in a fight between men in a self defense situation the groin is a prime target.  The groin area is very sensitive and invokes a strong emotional and physical reaction from men.  Even if you miss or your simply fake a groin strike you can distract your foe long enough to deliver another blow.

Where to strike?  

Often our instinct is to throw a forward strike.  However, when striking the groin your target is the testicles.  In order to strike the testicles you should strike from below the waist upward.

How to strike the groin?  

A kick is the fastest way to hit the groin or testicles.  When you kick to the groin you should try and land your shin, not too high but just above your ankle, between the legs of your opponent.

If you aren’t able to kick the groin you can also punch or squeeze the testicles.  However, most men wear jeans and this would make squeezing or punching the groin less effective. 

Warning: Although the groin is a very delicate area for men when a man’s adrenaline is pumping or is intoxicated in any way this strike may become less effective.

 Groin Strike Combinations: If you land a good groin strike the attacker’s reaction would be to lean forward and grab their groin.  This gives you the opportunity to land additional strikes and incapacitate your assailant.

Knee to the head
Kick to the head
Eye Gouge
Punch or Elbow to the face

Foot Stomp Technique

Self Defense Technique Foot Stomp

The foot stomp is a very simple yet effective self defense technique.  It is delivered while in the standing position usually while grappling or while being grabbed by your assailant.  When your assailant has wrapped their arms around you simply stomp with your heel into the center of the attacker’s foot. This will cause great pain, throw your attacker off balance and possibly breaking their foot.  Causing enough pain for them to let go of you and preventing them from chasing you.

                Foot Stomp Technique: It’s really simple.  Point your heel at the center of the attacker’s foot and stomp as hard as you can.  To make sure you got the job done you should stomp hard driving your foot through the foot and repeat that move quickly several times until you are released.

                Why is the foot stomp effective?  Your heel is extremely strong and striking it against the small fragile bones, of the top of the foot, can break the attacker’s foot.  Even if you don’t break the foot you should inflict enough pain to create a window of opportunity to break free or deliver additional strikes to break free and run.

                Warning:  Be careful to not try and deliver a foot stomp when are facing your assailant and not tied up or grabbed.  You risk opening yourself up for a strike or to fall off balance. 

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